Customer Service Aims To Propel Growth At Men In Kilts

Men In Kilts started out as a small, independent business, run by Founder, Nicholas Brand. The company quickly became recognized throughout Vancouver – and for more than just the Kilts – and reached one million in sales in 2009. “The kilt has the amazing ability to market the brand, but it is not what brings customers back again and again. It is the experience customers have with Men In Kilts that makes them a repeat vs. a one time customer,” says Brand.

After franchising began in 2010, Men In Kilts introduced new ways to improve their customer’s experience and measure satisfaction. From Technicians, Customer Service Agents, to the Franchise Owners and the CEO, everyone at Men In Kilts stands behind a ‘100% Clean Guarantee’. If a mistake is made, they have a ‘Make It Right’ policy that ensures every customer has a great experience.Customer Service Agent, Nichole describes her interaction with customers saying, “We consider it our job to deliver the first smile to the customer. We begin the phone call with a warm welcome and then discuss with the customer their needs and wants, to make sure we are providing them the full spectrum of service. We always remind them at the end of the call, “You will have a kilted technician at your home, so just remember…no peeking!” That always gets a laugh!”

When the technician arrives at the home they aim to work within the customer’s budget, are honest about the work that should be done, and at the end of the day, provide exceptional service. Brand acknowledges that it is rare that they come away from a job with an unhappy customer. “Anyone can be taught how to answer a phone or clean a window. We screen for people, however, who understand the value of customer service and know how to go the extra mile,” says Brand.

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