Men In Kilts Is Proactive About Brand Protection

Financial Post blogger, and franchise lawyer Chad Finkelstein recently caught up with Men In Kilts CEO Tressa Wood to discuss brand control and what to do in the event that your companies image is misrepresented and inaccurately portrayed.

“By the time you have decided to franchise your business, you’ve probably owned and operated at least one successful outlet, established some goodwill and name recognition in your community, and applied for or own a registered trademark. Hopefully, based on the strength of your brand (that critical asset that is so elusive of precise definition), you’ll find there is a list of strong franchisee candidates who are as passionate about your business as you are.

Franchising can be difficult to embrace, even for the most enthusiastic franchisors. That’s because you’ll be granting a franchisee the right to be an ambassador of the brand you have invested so much blood, sweat and tears into, and you have to hope that each of those ambassadors shares your vision.

For that reason, every franchise agreement should include certain rights and controls reserved for the franchisor to ensure products and services are delivered consistently with the business model, all advertising activities are pre-approved and every customer interaction is implemented in accordance with that bible of the franchise system- the operations manual.”

Click here for the full article: Franchisors must be proactive in protecting their brand

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