Staying Focused As A Seasonal Business

There are a lot of us out there – seasonal businesses that is. For some companies summers might be slow and for others it’s the cold, winter months. And like many seasonal businesses you “depend heavily on the revenue generated during a single season to carry [you] through the year” (, 2007). But whatever time a year your business is at its slowest, there are still a ton of productive things you can do!

Below are some suggestions Men In Kilts has for staying productive and keeping busy:

1. Prepare Your Budget In Advance
Because your cash flow is likely to plummet, budget for your slow season. You will still have expenses and you will still need to purchase items to prep for your busy season so you need to make sure you have the money to do so.

2. Never Stop Marketing!
Especially if you are a new, small business. The marketing you do now, can and will fill your schedule three months from now, so even during your busiest times you need to market so that come your ‘slow season’ you will have jobs/business. This could potentially make your business less seasonal.

3. Do An Overhaul and Inspection On All Your Equipment
Is everything working properly? Do you need new items? Now is the time to get these tedious tasks out of the way. Maybe some of your equipment isn’t working or needs a repair, or you need to order more marketing material or uniforms. Either way, get it done now so you aren’t backlogged and in trouble when business picks up.

4. Hire Early
You know come your busy season you won’t have time to interview, hire and train new staff, so get it done ahead of time. This will ensure your staff is 100% ready to go and efficient come your busy time and ensure your company is generating the most revenue possible.

5. Reach Out To Customers
Find out what holidays happen during your slow season. Do you have a way you can reach out to your customers to let them know that hey, you‘re still here and able to provide them with service?

At Men In Kilts we reach out to customers on several occasions. Whether it be reaching out to Property Managers and commercial clients with gifts and swag or giveaways for residential customers, this is a great way to stay engaged and show appreciation.

6. Promote Discounts and Programs
Now is a great time to give your customers some incentives. Think of some creative ways to discount whether it’s through Facebook, email campaigns, flyers or jigs. If your customers know they can use you now and get a discount vs. a few months from now and pay full price that may just help put jobs on your schedule or bring customers in your door.

Some of our locations at Men In Kilts are fortunate enough to offer different services throughout the year to combat seasonality. Services such as Snow Removal are offered in the winter at some locations, while others can provide Window Cleaning and Gutter Cleaning through the cold months. In the end it is important to remember that although there are constant struggles in a seasonal business, there are still ways to persevere through them and keep busy.

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