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The Business Opportunity Behind Social Media

Starting your own business is daunting and there are many factors that can contribute to your ability to be successful: social media is one of those factors.

Using social media to its full capacity goes beyond simply posting on Facebook, sending Tweets, pinning on Pinterest and so on. The real advantage, according to the White Paper, “Using Social Media to Improve Organizational Communication & Efficiency” by Young & Hinesly, comes when businesses use these tools internally. When companies use social media tools to transition into a social organization they gain a huge advantage over companies who don’t.

But what is a social organization?

A social organization is a business that takes the tools provided by social media and doesn’t only use them to increase their competitive advantage, but uses them internally across their whole company while integrating them into their core structure.

The benefits of becoming a social organization include:

● Being able to coordinate activities across groups on a wide scale

● Creating connections between people who previously had no contact

● The ability to communicate instantly and efficiently

When these systems are implemented, common problems are solved quickly. For example, when employees have the ability to be in constant contact, they do not have to figure out each problem that comes up on their own because it is likely that someone has already come up with a solution to that problem.

Using social media tools provides an organization with the advantages of having everyone in the organization know one another and contact each other to find solutions. This is a much more efficient way of communicating and allows employees to reach out to other employees without the conduit of the manager.

When applying this to the franchise system, it proves extremely beneficial because there are franchise locations across many geographical regions, therefore it can be challenging to communicate quickly and with ease.

With the implementation of social media into ones business structure, there can be problem solving, community building and coordination happening between Franchise Owners on their own. For example, when a Franchise Owner that is newer is wondering about the best vehicle modifications to hold ladders, pressure washers or other equipment in their work vehicle they can have access to ask other more experienced Franchise Owners. The head office would have great resources for other things, but in this situation communication between the FO’s would be most efficient.

At Men In Kilts, we use various social media tools within our business and have seen the benefits from this implementation. It is essential that the leaders within the organization empower this shift to using social media within the corporate structure because the optimization of workflow depends on their backing of education, training and vision behind using social media. From private to public uses as well as group and peer to peer communication, there are many ways these tools can be implemented to create a social organization.

Using these tools allows Men In Kilts to exist as a social organization, providing the ability to not only increase business with our customers, but improve our ability to work efficiently and foster a community within our organization while doing it.


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