Canada’s Silicon Valley is Wired for Window Cleaning

Often touted as ‘Canada’s Silicon Valley’, Kitchener-Waterloo stands out as the newest Canadian franchise location for Men In Kilts (MIK). “It has a historically strong industrial core, a vibrant, up-and-coming tech sector, and is home to two of Canada’s largest universities”, says Rich Stuart, Men In Kilts newest entrepreneur. Rich knows that due to its reputation as a tech hub, Kitchener-Waterloo is home to […]

From Frustration To Opportunity In North Vancouver Island

It all started with a series of frustrating phone calls. Chris Strong, owner of Men In Kilts’ newest location on North Vancouver Island, decided to start a franchise after he moved to Campbell River in February. He realized there were no property maintenance services available there… let alone a service experience that brings the perfect balance of […]

Fraser Valley To Get An Eyeful Of Men In Kilts

Now it’s Fraser Valley’s turn to get an eyeful. That’s right. Nicholas Brand, founder of Men in Kilts, has moved to Chilliwack with his family and he’s bringing his tartan touting franchise with him. “I moved here because it’s a great community,” says Nic. “It’s neighbourly. Everyone treats each other extremely well. It is the perfect place to raise […]

Nothing Could Be Finer Than A Tartan In Regina

You have to be of a certain vintage to get the title spoof of this song, but the real message is that Men In Kilts is now in Regina, Saskatchewan, officially and rightfully titled, the  Men In Kilts Regina Franchise Team! “The Queen City” — as it’s affectionately known — has gained a new jewel for […]

Ottawa Franchise Expo 2015 Q&A

We were at the 2015 Ottawa Franchise Expo this year and had a blast! “We met so many new entrepreneurs looking to expand their business world and many of those people couldn’t resist stopping to see what “Men In Kilts” was all about.” I caught up with Megan Nemeth: She is Men In Kilts Marketing […]

Why You Will Love Being Your Own Boss

BYOB? No, Being Your Own Boss Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you what to wear? What to eat? What TV shows you were and weren’t allowed to watch? I am sure then that you also remember finally getting to an age where you were allowed to make your own […]

Beyond Social Media | A Social Organization

The Business Opportunity Behind Social Media Starting your own business is daunting and there are many factors that can contribute to your ability to be successful: social media is one of those factors. Using social media to its full capacity goes beyond simply posting on Facebook, sending Tweets, pinning on Pinterest and so on. The […]