Ottawa Franchise Expo 2015 Q&A

We were at the 2015 Ottawa Franchise Expo this year and had a blast! “We met so many new entrepreneurs looking to expand their business world and many of those people couldn’t resist stopping to see what “Men In Kilts” was all about.” I caught up with Megan Nemeth: She is Men In Kilts Marketing […]

Why You Will Love Being Your Own Boss

BYOB? No, Being Your Own Boss Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you what to wear? What to eat? What TV shows you were and weren’t allowed to watch? I am sure then that you also remember finally getting to an age where you were allowed to make your own […]

Beyond Social Media | A Social Organization

The Business Opportunity Behind Social Media Starting your own business is daunting and there are many factors that can contribute to your ability to be successful: social media is one of those factors. Using social media to its full capacity goes beyond simply posting on Facebook, sending Tweets, pinning on Pinterest and so on. The […]

Clearing Snow and Hanging Christmas Lights

The weather is changing and winter is on its way, but the good news is that several Men In Kilts locations will begin offering snow removal service to help customers get through those blistery winter months; and yes, they will still wear their kilts while clearing snow. Men In Kilts Founder Nicholas Brand says, “Snow […]

Hiring Freelancers for Your Start Up

As a small business owner you may have thought about hiring freelancers or contract workers as a way to keep your overhead down. Although low costs can be enticing, you should be aware of some of the pros and cons to this approach. At Men In Kilts we have hired numerous contractors and for the […]

“Don’t Waste Your Money” Clean Your Roof!

Have you looked at your roof lately? Is there moss, leaves and residue build up? You’ve probably thought about paying someone to clean your roof, but then thought it would be too expensive. So then you thought about cleaning it yourself, but just haven’t gotten around to it. However, a startling fact that you might […]

Men In Kilts Launches in the Okanagan Valley

Men In Kilts, a window and exterior cleaning franchise, opens their latest location in Kelowna marking the third franchise in British Columbia. Men In Kilts Kelowna opens for business Friday August 15th, 2014 and will be the eleventh location to open since franchising began in 2010 and the third in the province of BC. The […]

Viable Markets for Expansion

As a franchisor, finding viable markets for expansion is always a priority. At Men In Kilts, we are expanding internationally and already have 6 locations in Canada and 5 in the US. Every market sold needs to meet certain criteria – is there a demographic for it? A need for the services? What is the […]