The Wall Street Journal Agrees Simple Falls Chores Can Save You Cash

In a column on fall cleaning, Wall Street Journal reporter Lindsay Gellman spoke with our Founder and expert Kilted Technician Nicholas Brand about the importance of gutter cleaning and the damage you can prevent to your home. “It was a great opportunity to be featured in a National publication talking about something that is extremely […]

Men In Kilts Shines In The Toronto Star

Toronto Star reporter Ashante Infantry recently caught up with our Franchise Owner’s Sentwali Lewis and Darcy Longpre in Toronto to discuss the new business and the ways Men In Kilts is overcoming the gimmick many people still associate with the business. The article begins: ‘In a competitive business like window washing, skirt-wearing male technicians definitely […]

The Vancouver Sun Sees Past The Gimmick

On a beautiful fall day, Vancouver Sun reporter Kevin Griffin spoke with Men In Kilts about the expansion into the U.S and the business that still has so many people turning their heads. Founder Nicholas Brand said “It was great to have another feature in the Vancouver Sun because this is where it all started.” […]

Common Franchise Questions- Pt.3

Here is Part 3 and the final section of our three part series on ‘Common Questions to Ask Your Franchisor’. In reading these last few questions, we hope you have found these posts useful and that they will help you in your further research for franchise opportunities. What level of support do I receive as […]

Common Franchise Questions- Pt.2

Here is Part 2 of our three part series on ‘Common Questions to Ask Your Franchisor’. We hope you find these questions helpful in digging a little bit deeper into your franchise research. How many franchise owners do you have and can I speak with them? a. Knowing the scope and size of the franchise […]

Common Franchise Questions- Pt.1

So you’re at that point in your life where you are in need of a change. A change in scenery from your everyday routine of work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep would be nice, wouldn’t it? Ever considered becoming a part of a franchise? Being in business for yourself, but not by yourself sounds exciting […]

Men In Kilts Is Proactive About Brand Protection

Financial Post blogger, and franchise lawyer Chad Finkelstein recently caught up with Men In Kilts CEO Tressa Wood to discuss brand control and what to do in the event that your companies image is misrepresented and inaccurately portrayed. “By the time you have decided to franchise your business, you’ve probably owned and operated at least one successful outlet, […]

Customer Service Aims To Propel Growth At Men In Kilts

Men In Kilts started out as a small, independent business, run by Founder, Nicholas Brand. The company quickly became recognized throughout Vancouver – and for more than just the Kilts – and reached one million in sales in 2009. “The kilt has the amazing ability to market the brand, but it is not what brings customers […]

Men In Kilts Wins National Award for Franchisee Satisfaction

Franchise Business Review Survey Comes Back Shining! Men In Kilts, a window and exterior cleaning franchise, scores high in franchisee satisfaction, according to a recent survey conducted by independent market research firm Franchise Business Review. The survey asked franchisees questions related to training and support, system communication, franchisor/franchisee relations, financial opportunity, business lifestyle, and overall satisfaction with […]

Men In Kilts Franchise Opportunities for Veterans!

Read the VetFran posting: VetFran Feature On Men In Kilts Veteran Franchise posted an article about Men In Kilts Boston Operations Manager Chris Murphy and his decision to switch “From Camo to Kilt” as he transitioned to Men In Kilts after 11 years of serving in the US Army. The article states, “Deciding to become […]