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Getting Down To Business

When thinking about buying a franchise there is a ton of information out there intended to help you make a smart decision and be a better businessperson. A lot of it is valuable information, and some of it, not so much.

Because we know what a life altering decision this is we thought a post on some very insightful resources would help aid in your decision making.

Of course there is no book or resource that will teach you how to run your business 100% successfully because every circumstance is different and operating a successful business takes time and hard work. Using these books and resources as starting points can definitely be beneficial and has helped many leaders in our organizations get them to where they are today. Keep in mind, most of these aren’t just one time reads. You may want to come back to them from time to time in order to get the full value out of them.

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These books, Twitter feeds and podcasts have been recommended to us by our Founder and Vancouver Franchise Owner Nicholas Brand, who definitely knows his stuff and prioritizes knowledge highly in his own business strategy.

Check out these Twitter accounts for great business advice:

Globe and Mail Small Business – @GlobeSmallBiz
Microsoft Exec Tweets – @exectweets
Seth Godin – @ThisIsSethsBlog

Are podcasts your thing? These are great ones if you are wanting to expand your knowledge of the business world:


HBR Ideacast

Seth Godin’s Start Up School – It was a short series (15 episodes) but very valuable info

If you are more traditional (like me) and love books, check out these great ones to read up on how you will become the next business mogul:


How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie

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This is THE book in human relations. Written in 1936, while some of the stories and companies referenced are a little out dated, the principles behind them are timeless. I read this book once every two years and give a copy to my leadership team.

Mindset – Carol S. Dweck

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This book was an absolute game changer for me. Fixed mindset vs open mindset. I assumed I had an open mindset, after all who believes that talent is limited? After reading this book I truly realized how wrong I was. I now look at everything completely different. Failure is not a disastrous thing that proves I have limited talent, it is an opportunity to grow and get better. We have all heard the term “Failing Forward”. This book is the science behind that.

The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle

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If Carol Dweck tells us that talent is not limited and that we can become more talented, The Talent Code shows us how to do that. After traveling the world to visit the top talent hot beds in everything from tennis to soccer to music and meeting with some of the top neurologists, Daniel unlocks the key to developing talent and creating myelin, a microscopic neural substance that adds vast amounts of speed and accuracy to your thoughts and movements.

Get a Grip – Gino Wickman & Mike Paton

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If you loved Traction and the tools it introduced than this is a must read. A fictional story about Swan Services, a company going through a rough period, but implements the EOS System with the help of a coach. What is great about this book is that it not only shows you the tools from Traction, but it walks through some of the challenges that can happen as you implement them. What happens when someone on your leadership team is the wrong person, wrong seat? What about someone who is the right person, but in the wrong seat? If you have started implementing the EOS System in your organization I highly recommend Get a Grip.

Leadership & Self-Deception – The Abridger Institute

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This phenomenal bestseller — over 700,000 copies sold — changes readers’ lives and helps them transform their organizations. In this new edition, the text has been updated and revised throughout to make it even more readable and powerful, and a new section has been added that details the many different ways that people are using this book.

We hope this list gives you a great base of knowledge for taking on the glory of owning your own business!

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