Why You Will Love Being Your Own Boss

BYOB? No, Being Your Own Boss

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would tell you what to wear? What to eat? What TV shows you were and weren’t allowed to watch? I am sure then that you also remember finally getting to an age where you were allowed to make your own decisions and have the freedom to do what you wanted when you wanted.

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This common story often is reflected when you hear people talk about starting their own business and being your own boss. When people choose to take this sometimes-scary path in their lives, they unlock a freedom that they yearned for during all those years working under someone else. The freedom of being able to manage, make decisions and not have to worry about impressing someone else. All the great ideas and plans you have had throughout the years, finally come to the fruition and are thrown into a company you are working to build and YOU finally get to make the decisions.

This kind of freedom comes with a sense of fear though, feeling the gravity of the situation where it is all on you. That weight can be heavy.

Would you believe us if we told you there is a better way though? How about instead of starting from scratch you become your own boss in an already established business with proven systems. What I’m referring to here is a franchise. With a franchise there are proven systems in place to help you succeed and you get to be a part of something that is ALREADY operating. The freedom of being your own boss with the support of a franchise, now that sounds pretty good!

Let’s talk about those freedoms, because you don’t want to spend any more days toiling under the sun for someone else’s benefit. Let us reiterate to you why you are going to love being your own boss!

Like a boss.

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

The first reason is the most obvious, what’s the best part of being your own boss? Being THE boss of course! You are the one who leads your franchise, you are the ruler of your company’s kingdom. This would excite any person who wants to make the jump and venture out on their own to “being your own boss.”

Create your space

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

Do you hate making the drive to work every day? Fighting traffic, then trying to find a parking spot that doesn’t place your car directly in the sun? Or maybe you are far from family during the day and you don’t like that? Another perk of being your own boss is that you get to choose WHERE you work. The office of your dreams could literally be just up the street! Or even in your own home!

Care about your product

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

When you become your own boss, you have vested interest in your product or service doing well. Furthermore, you aren’t going to start a business about a service you don’t believe in right? So when you become your own boss, you pick something you’re going to love working on. A franchise like Men In Kilts is a fun brand that people already love and you will fall in love with it too! This interest and love for the brand means more dedication and passion towards your business and therefore will lead to a more fulfilling life.

Work with people you like

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

When you are the boss, you also are the one who does the hiring! No more dreading those office meetings with a group of people you have nothing in common with other than the name of the company on your business card and pay check. You can hire whoever you want and who will help your franchise succeed.

Punch in, punch out no more

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

There is no more punching a clock when you are your own boss. You make your own hours, you don’t need to ask anyone to cover your shift, or if you CAN go to your kid’s soccer game. You can just go, the only person you have to report to is yourself! (Maybe your spouse?)

Make your own fate

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

Take the opportunities that come to you when you are your own boss. You can go to conferences, workshops or take classes that will benefit you and your company. Having the resources of a franchise like Men In Kilts will help you, but ultimately it is you who does the work. Going to workshops and conferences are learning experiences that will feed your ability to grow and compete. Have control of your abilities and know that you make YOUR OWN fate now.

Get up, stand up

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

No more worrying about offending your boss with your values, opinion or insights. Being your own boss frees you up to stand up for what you believe is going to make your franchise succeed. This often comes with dialogue about how your vision looks with others, but you have all the freedom to stand up for what you believe in.

Make change

Men In Kilts, Blog, Being Your Own Boss

You know that smile you see on someone when you make a difference in their life. Just imagine the amount of smiles you can create not only with customers, but with future employees and fellow businesses as you make a difference in their life with YOUR franchise.

This last one always is what inspires me the most and can almost encompass all of the above points. Being your own boss and having the opportunity to lead a franchise gives you so many opportunities to make impressions. You can change the world with your service, making life easier for people or healthier for people or whatever the goal of your company ends up being! You can inspire people to change by providing a service that gives opportunity. This can be seen by your customers and employees. You can even put a dent in the business world, do you want to change how business is seen by people? Then start a franchise that reflects the vision you have of a healthy, hardworking and inspiring business that will treat everyone how you believe they should be treated.

Did these things awake that entrepreneur in you? We are always looking for leaders who want to be their own boss here at Men In Kilts who are dedicated, awesome and fun! Check out more about franchising here on our blog. Look at how we are a social company [here] or look at other resources our Founder and Vancouver Franchise Owner recommends for interested entrepreneurs [here].

Another great resource to learn from is Chris Duckers blog, he has awesome insights into the world of business and being your own boss. He can give practical knowledge to make you more profitable in business and in life.

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