Franchise Business Owner’s Brag about the Best Parts of Men In Kilts

Being a Franchise Business Owner with Men In Kilts has its perks…

Today I wanted to let you know about them! I asked our current Franchise Business Owners: “What is your favourite part of being a Franchise Owner?” I received some great responses and wanted to share them with you!

Stacey from Kelowna, B.C

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“My favourite part about being a Franchise Owner would have to be the support. It’s a boring answer, but it really is the number one thing. Being a young Franchise Owner, I am new to business in general and I am… well, inexperienced if you will. Having knowledgeable people in the industry who are also great business people is awesome. I just love how they are a phone call away and willing to help with anything!”

Derek from Orillia, ON

“My favorite part is being able to extend the passion I have for this company on to another part of the country. I started in Calgary as a Window Technician, then a Lawn Care Technician and now I’m in Northern Ontario as a Franchise Business Owner spreading smiles to the world… one kilt at a time.”

Krystina from Boston North Shore, MA

“I love meeting people for the first time that haven’t heard of Men In Kilts, just as much as I love walking into Starbucks and people coming up and telling me how much they loved having us at their house and how they can’t wait till we come back! I love that we don’t “sell” homeowners services they don’t need. We actually provide them with and recommend services they do need!”

TJ from Jersey Shore, NJ

“I love working for myself. I can work my schedule around my family so I can sneak off to the beach or coach my son’s baseball team. Being the man in the kilt in Jersey Shore makes me recognizable so it is easy to get to my foot in the door and once our sweet services are provided customers can’t help but use us for everything that we do.”

Judy from Boston, MA

“My favourite part is knowing that we put smiles on so many faces – customers, employees and the general public.”

Herb from Philadelphia, PA

“I love being a business owner, setting goals and trying to accomplish them. Not knowing where your next dollar is coming from and then all the sudden with a little hustle you make it happen. I love the challenge of it; meeting new people, acquiring and maintaining business relationships and getting to know the customers. Building value in our product as well as our brand. I really like being a good example to my team and leading them from the front. It’s all worth it to me, the gamble and risk. I live for it. As a Men In Kilts Franchise Business Owner I also appreciate the fact that we have a close-knit family with everyone at different Men In Kilts locations as well as the Leadership Team at Franchise Services who will do anything to make us a success. I got lucky finding Men In Kilts.”

Kim from Edmonton

“Although not a Franchise Owner, I have many reasons as to why I love being the managing partner for a Men In Kilts business. First off, it is a fairly easy job in regards to the services we are offering because the brand sells itself! The franchise support system is phenomenal. Anytime I need help (which I’ll admit is A LOT) I have many support systems in place to help me out! I do also love the fact that I am able to do the majority of my work from home so working around my family obligations has been possible. You have to be a planner, but as long as you are, it is easily doable. I love starting with a company at the beginning (in my case it was a year in) and watching the company grow. Knowing that you are a vital part of that is an amazing feeling.”

So there you have it. The best parts of being a Men In Kilts Franchise Business Owner. Everyone at Men In Kilts is constantly bragging about how this is a great team and we thought it was time to let others know. Do you have interest in being our next franchisee? Get in contact with us and we can tell you about all the awesome perks that come with joining our team!

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