Ottawa Franchise Expo 2015 Q&A

We were at the 2015 Ottawa Franchise Expo this year and had a blast!

“We met so many new entrepreneurs looking to expand their business world and many of those people couldn’t resist stopping to see what “Men In Kilts” was all about.”

I caught up with Megan Nemeth:

She is Men In Kilts Marketing and Communications Manager, who attended the event with CEO Chris Carrier and asked her a few questions about her experience:

Q. How was Ottawa? Were the people there friendly?

“Ottawa was great and the people were awesome! It is definitely a great market for a Men In Kilts location and we are excited to see what comes of our time there.”

Q. What was it like at the Ottawa Franchise Expo?

“We would’ve liked to see more traffic so we could meet more great people, but the people we did meet were awesome. Very curious about Men In Kilts and what we do. Funnily enough we had some people tell us they have seen us around town…and we aren’t even in Ottawa yet!”

Q. What were some of the highlights? Most interesting people or businesses you connected with?

“There were quite a few highlights actually. One being that we met a couple of really strong candidates who may be opening up a Men In Kilts location very soon, and another being we were there the same weekend as The Ottawa Pet Show so there were 100’s of dogs walking around the EY Center at the same time!(I guess that was more of a highlight for me than anything)”

“Another highlight was connecting with some great people from The Better Software Company and seeing what they are doing to revolutionize the software industry. It was great to meet people just as passionate about their work as we are about ours!”

Q. What is one tip you would give to someone thinking about becoming a franchisee?

“Do your research and find a brand that you really connect with and a company culture that matches your core values. There is nothing more important if you are in it for the long haul than to make sure that you have the same values and the same outlook with the organization that you are going to become a part of.”

It sounds like Megan and Chris had a good time in Ottawa, but how could they not? They were getting to tell people about Men In Kilts the whole time. Our brand always brings out the fun in everyone and we are proud to display it!

Did you see us there? Did you miss us? Well, if you were thinking about franchising with Men In Kilts, get in touch with us by sending an email to to get connected!

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Kilt on. Jesse

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