5 Key Questions to Think About Before Quitting Your 9-5

Is becoming an entrepreneur, exciting or scary? Or both?

We know that it can be a mental battle to finally decide to ditch your 9-5 and jump into a world that is new and unknown. It is a big decision that requires big questions to be asked and answered.

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself before becoming an entrepreneur:

1) What will make me happy?

This is the number one question because money and wealth can’t buy this, you can’t earn it. Happiness is a mood, not a destination. You don’t work to get there, you are working to maintain it, to live in it. Finding an opportunity that elicits happiness should be a priority.

2) Do I have a vision?

Now that you know what will make you happy, do you know what you will do to get there? If happiness isn’t the destination, then what is? That is up to you. It could be success, it could be helping the world, or anything in between. The key is to know what you want from your business. Becoming an entrepreneur means accomplishing what you set out to do. Now what is it?

3) Am I willing to work?

The picture of a boss sitting in his big glass office overlooking the city streets isn’t the picture of an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur requires hard work, getting your hands dirty or maybe getting your kilt dirty! Nevertheless, when you decide to start your new life, you will learn that the harder you work, the more fruit will become of it. Be willing to work hard and success will follow.

4) What will I do different?

There is a reason you want to leave your 9-5 and journey in to becoming an entrepreneur. There are things you have seen happen in an organization and you believe them to be wrong. You have your own ways, this is what will set you apart. Figure out what it is you will do by not doing what you have seen done wrong. Lead your new business in a fresh way and own it.

5) Am I ready?

This is a question you won’t find the answer to in any book. There are no stats that can show it and the news won’t report when it is here. Only you will know and from what is usually experienced, you likely won’t fully know until it comes time. Is this something you can see yourself getting out of bed for in the morning and feeling proud of when you get back into that bed at night? That pride mixed with some courage and willpower will bring you a long way.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to do some thinking. Becoming an entrepreneur also will include a lot of thinking and hard decisions. It is only natural to start there.

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Kilt on. Jesse