Rider Nation Meets New ‘Green’ Powerhouse Brand

Ardiena Schatz, a young lass from a farming community near Saskatoon, is now the owner of the first Men In Kilts window and exterior cleaning franchise in Saskatchewan. Their green and yellow Wallace Hunting kilts have been turning heads around town since the business scheduled its first job in late June.

Ardiena brings Men In Kilts to her native province and fulfils a lifelong dream of owning her own business. “Although I have an engineering background, the downturn in the oil and gas sector provided me the opportunity to pursue my long-term goal of running my own business.”


Having set her mind on franchising, Ardiena found Men In Kilts and was instantly connected to the brand.

“I stumbled across Men In Kilts through a former co-worker and I was hooked. The Men In Kilts brand is all about great people, systems, and values, and there is an abundant opportunity in Saskatoon for our services.”

(Below: The Saskatoon Dream Team!)


Men In Kilts is a property services company that specializes in window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and siding cleaning. However, the Saskatoon location will also offer snow removal during the frigid prairie winters. Wondering if they’ll be in kilts? The answer is YES! But there will be no surprise what’s under the kilt in the winter…it’s long johns, of course!

When people hear of their “No Peeking” policy, it usually means they’ve accomplished their mission – which is “to bring smiles to the world, one kilt at a time!” Although the kilts help them stand out, Men In Kilts’ business strategy is to provide an industry leading service that keeps customers coming back for more, while telling their family and friends about Men In Kilts’ unique, high quality service.


Chris Carrier, Men In Kilts’ CEO says, “We’ve seen a great deal of interest from oil executives and consultants alike, as the economy has struggled on the energy front. I learned early on in business that diversification is key. Not only is it important to have different investments working hard for you, it’s important to spend your time doing something you love. Men In Kilts franchise owners have a zest for doing something different and for having fun along the way. That’s what I love most about the team Ardiena is building. They are awesome, dedicated, and fun people who can’t wait to serve you at your commercial property and/or home.”

Ardiena’s personality has a hint of silliness and is a whole lot of fun. However, don’t misunderstand… this young lady is sharp and focused on building a business that will stand the test of time so she can hand it down to her children.

Having just recently opened, Ardiena knows that the key to her franchise’s success is to deliver an exceptional service experience. “You’ll call us because of our brand, but you’ll call us again because of the quality of our work and the guaranteed service we provide.”

To receive an estimated price range for services, residential and commercial customers can call 1-800-777-5458 or visit meninkilts.com/Saskatoon

About Men In Kilts

Nicholas Brand started Men In Kilts in 2002 with a squeegee and a hand-sewn kilt made by his wife. The first franchise was opened in 2012 in Victoria and has grown to 19 locations across Canada and the U.S. Committed to service, people often give them a try because of the kilts, but they keep coming back because of the outstanding service. There’s a lot more behind Men In Kilts service than just kilts! The company continues its successful expansion, with plans to be in every major market across North America.