Family and community minded, young couple, Aaron and Lauren Swindell are ready to bring smiles to the world, one kilt at a time, as the new Men In Kilts Franchise Owners for Conejo Valley, California. Congratulations!

Locally born and raised in Simi Valley, Aaron is excited to bring MIK (Men In Kilts) to his home town and to his family. Much like the MIK family, Aaron and Lauren want to build a future for their family that can be passed on to their kids.

“Our hope is that in the future this business will allow more time for family, but in the mean time we hope to run this business together by serving in the community and having fun sporting our kilts around town”.  -Lauren


“Lauren and Aaron were looking for a business that they could run from home with low start up and high margins.  When Aaron and I first spoke on the phone, you could tell that he had done his homework on several different franchise opportunities and instantly saw the power of the Men In Kilts brand.  It’s important to know what you’re looking for and turn over every rock in order to find your fit. What I love most about this family is that they are just really good people!”   ~ Chris Carrier  CEO ~ Men In Kilts

During their first week of business, Aaron and Lauren have already dazzled many customers and windows all while sporting their new kilts.  Check out this review…

“My windows look amazing!! The technicians were extremely professional, hardworking, and punctual! Our windows hadn’t been cleaned in at least three years and probably longer, but they made it look effortless, and now I can actually see through them and they sparkle!! Thanks Men In Kilts!!!”

Customer ~ Kristen Jones

Californians are embracing MIK and their kilt wearing technicians with enthusiasm.  What we know to be fact is that the paparazzi have a new target and they’ll be joined by customers and fans of Men In Kilts alike.  Californians love to have fun and they love new and unique business ventures.  We’ve got both in spades!

Aaron and Lauren are extremely excited to make their franchise part of the community, by building a team of fun kilted technicians, that provide amazing service and bring joy to those they come in contact with.


Men In Kilts has seen rapid growth over the last 8 months adding 9 new locations to the clan.  When asked what the secret to the Men In Kilts success is, Chris Carrier, Men In Kilts CEO states “Entrepreneurs are looking for something fun and different!  They’re looking for freedom (pun intended) and Men In Kilts offers that on many levels.  Not only are pants restricting, they’re boring!  This coupled with the remarkable branding, franchisee support and untapped market… no wonder we appeal to so many great entrepreneurs.”  The company continues it’s expansion across North America and still has prime locations available for those individuals that ‘get’ the brand, live the values, and want to join us in our mission.  Carrier says “Men In Kilts will be a household name across North America soon enough.  As such we’re not interested in selling a bunch of franchises, we’re more interested in partnering with great people.  We’d much rather go slow and bring people into the clan that are the ‘right’ fit.  For us it’s not about growing big, it’s about building something great that will stand the test of time.  Aaron and Lauren are our kind of people!”


Aaron & Chris during training week

P.S. Conejo Valley meaning “rabbit” in Spanish

Canejo Valley Men In Kilts marks our first California franchise. Malibu is in the territory, and we’re just down the street from Beverly Hills and Malibu Lagoon State Beach. Maybe MIK could put a sheen on the Two And A Half Men’s house for Charlie Sheens extra pad so it’s sells.   69ba44742d4ecd97a0b2d68cdddfaba7.jpg

About Men In Kilts

Nicholas Brand started Men In Kilts in 2002 with a squeegee and a hand-sewn kilt made by his wife. The first franchise was opened in 2012 in Victoria and has grown to 21 locations across Canada and the U.S. Committed to service, people often give them a try because of the kilts, but they keep coming back because of the outstanding service. There’s a lot more behind Men In Kilts service than just kilts! The company continues its successful expansion, with plans to be in every major market across North America.

For more information on Men In Kilts, or to see them in action, please visit them at http://www.meninkilts.com. For franchise information, visit www.meninkiltsfranchise.com