Our Team

Chris Carrier

Chief Executive Officer / Visionary

Chris Carrier has passionately devoted his time and effort for over 24 years towards building a
multi-million dollar window cleaning company. That's over 50,000 hours of experience, knowledge and
passion going directly into helping grow and support our teams at Men In Kilts!

Carrier became the Chief Executive Officer in January 2015. He is excited for the opportunity to contribute to the vision of expanding into every market across North America. Chris is awesome, dedicated and fun! Those character traits are essential in our leader, as it's what we value most at Men In Kilts. Chris loves to dig in and come along side each of our Franchise Owners to coach them through their successful development as entrepreneurs, inspiring them to be their boldest selves.

Robyn Carrier

Human Resources / Chief Talent Officer

Men In Kilts is more about the people in the kilts than the kilts themselves and Robyn Carrier has been the leader for all things people at Men In Kilts. As Robyn and Chris built their window cleaning company, Robyn gained a passion for connecting with people and recognized the value of building a loyal team. Since joining Men In Kilts, she has said, "this brand is a natural separator of fun people, attracting personable staff and Franchise Owners who are looking for excitement, don't want to sit behind a desk and are bored wearing pants!"

Robyn agrees it's the unique branding that brings attention to Men In Kilts but it's the people that bring customers back for more. Robyn has been an amazing influence in ensuring the right people have the resources and support that they need to have a successful future at Men In Kilts.

Nicholas Brand

Founder / Kilted Pioneer

In 2002, our founder Nicholas Brand, ventured out to start his own window cleaning company. With his Scottish background, Nic knew of the inherent attention and respect that goes along with the kilt. Fun goes wherever Nic is and he thought that wearing a kilt while cleaning windows would be a memorable and amusing experience for his customers. He was right! The Men In Kilts brand is just a little bit cheeky, especially on a windy day while we climb ladders in kilts!

Nic has enjoyed watching and participating in the success of Men In Kilts, while he continues to run his successful Vancouver franchise location. Nic also contributes to field operations, franchise support, technical training, and safety protocols.

Heidi Drewett

Marketing & Communications Manager

Heidi joined Men In Kilts in September 2016 as the Marketing and Communications manager. With 10 years of experience in Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design and Public Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Heidi is an instant fit into the brand.

Heidi is originally from the U.K. but has lived in Calgary, Canada for 12 years. Heidi is responsible for overseeing all marketing and public relations activities for Men In Kilts Franchise Services throughout North America.

Jenny Hardisty

Sales Manager

Men In Kilts is always looking for great leaders with gumption. In our growing, centralized call centre, Jenny leads the team! Jenny's focus is to ensure that our customers are served to a high standard at each stage of their experience with Men In Kilts. This process includes quoting, scheduling, follow up and quality control.

Another focus of Jenny and the sales team, is to build relationships with every Franchise Owner across North America. As they work tirelessly to schedule work in each Men In Kilts territory, the Sales Team represent our Franchise Owners in a professional and efficient manner.